How do I select a Yacht model?

When choosing a yacht the final decision is yours, regardless of what specific model or number of cabins you choose. However, in order to make your purchase more favorable we will recommend the most profitable models according to our professional experience. Moreover, with detailed calculation of cost and income we will present the cost-effectiveness of particular yacht models in order to help you find the most suitable yacht that will match your needs.

Please contact us to get a detailed income and cost projection for your dream boat.

What about yacht registration?

You can buy the yacht in your name or in the name of your company and register it accordingly. Therefore we suggest opening a company in EU if you do not have one. The process of founding a company in Croatia is simple and it costs about 3.500 EUR with Croatia flag. Or in Slovakia which is even more simple and cost much less, also registration on Slovak flag have more benefits then other countries of EU. We offer you full support in the process of founding and running a company.

What about yacht Maintenance?

A properly maintained yacht is the only way to a satisfied charter guest and at the same time the key to a successful business process. Consequently, our professionally educated staff constantly supervises the condition of the yacht and its equipment. With regular services we act in advance in order to prevent any bigger malfunctions and to provide a safe and high-quality vacation for charter guests. With continuous supervision and maintenance, we ensure the longevity of your yacht and equipment as well as a higher price in charter and a higher market value when you decide to sell the yacht.

What if the yacht gets damaged?

All yachts in our charter fleet are covered with a full CASCO insurance policy. Damage repair costs are covered firstly by the charter client responsible for the damage and secondly by the insurance policy. Repairs are done either by us as, an official representative, or a third party specialized service, depending on the nature of the necessary repairs.

In what condition is the yacht after 5 years?

In a very good and fully functional condition. Of course, the result of chartering is a higher level of use of the yacht, which can be taken care of with minimal investment and reconstruction. In any case, the charter yachts in our fleet are in better condition than many private yachts, due to the fact that they are constantly supervised and regularly maintained by professionals in our charter company.