09 April

Yacht-Pool International certified LUXURY SAILING

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? After post pandemic times clients need to think more, don't make quick decisions and Book Charter boats smart and safe. With Yacht-Pool International Certification you can get both!

Chartering with Safe & Trusted Companies


Be careful who you send your money
• There are several examples from Croatia and Seychelles from season 2021 and 2022 when clients did not see their money and also did not get any boat for rental because of bankruptcy of several Charter companies.
• Only good companies with an annual review of the balance sheet receive the seal.
• Viable balance sheets are the prerequisite for good service and security.
• Only if business conduct and service are in good order will the seal be awarded.
• Yacht-Pool International therefore emphasizes that today it is more important than ever to book with a reputable partner who cares about quality and not to chase down supposed bargains on unchecked and online platforms.
• Check list of certified Charter companies: www.charterfairtrag.de/charterfirmen-checked-and-trusted


Be careful what rental contract do you sign
• The small print of some charter companies may contain „clauses with fatal consequences“, writes the YACHT magazine or „toxic clauses“, says BOOTE.de
• The correct assessment of the small print is tedious. To protect you from fatal consequences, Yacht-Pool International developed the Fair companies list with these fair terms.
• Pay attention to small print on your next charter.
• Smart clients are asking for these terms and booking boats only with Trusted Charter companies.
• Check list of Trusted Charter companies: www.charterfairtrag.de/nutzer-des-charterfairtrages