One time see is more then hundred times hear
one lucky person will get Dream Holiday from us
and others will get special 10% Exhibition discount!

Unforgettable experiences on waves

Sail on the waves like you imagine in your dreams and enjoy every moment of this freedom!

Family holiday near the sea could be also on the sea. Sailing together across the sea on our luxury sailing yachts and catamarans was born to bring you true joy for all of your love ones, your children or parents.

Teambuilding. It could be something more than a wild party. Sailing, diving and get to know your colleagues in ways you don’t know them. Go on a cruise for a real adventure and dive into the magical depths of the unknown undersea world.

Adventure journey is mainly about wine and delicious cuisine. Luxury sailing yacht or catamaran cruise will awake all your taste buds. Enjoy the sea and beauty of the seaside landscape to the last drop!

Our offer of luxury yachts and catamarans will nothing beats

Chose a boat and take a cruise along Croatian coast

Listen up to call of infinite distance and go on a cruise with luxury sailboat or catamaran. Enjoy unforgettable moments with your friends, family, colleagues or business partners. Choose from our offer according to your idea.

Choose a boat

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Luxury catamarans and sailing yachts for the price of an ordinary holiday

Luxury catamarans and sailing yachts for the price of an ordinary holiday

It is better to see it once then to hear hundred times about it and therefore one lucky person will get Dream Holiday at the Gentleman Expo from us and we will offer others special Exhibition discount 10% during 2 days!

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Luxury sailing apartments

Luxury sailing apartments

When we talk about Luxury sailing apartments, everybody immediately imagine unaffordable vacation on a huge Motor Yacht. However, this type of holiday on boat is now available for everyone. In recent years it has become a popular phenomenon that is being used both by young and older people.

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Luxury experience on the waves