Charter Management for new boat owners (the dreamers)

Have you ever dreamt of having a yacht of your own? We truly believe that you have. Make your dreams come true…… with our Yacht charter management program you can finally become the owner of your own private sailing yacht or catamaran.

Our Yacht charter management program provides you with the possibility to become a yacht owner in a fast and simple way with minimal investment and enjoy all the benefits and advantages of yacht ownership without taking care of the yacht maintenance, berth and getting the yacht ready for your holiday. All the additional tasks as yacht registration, acquisition of additional equipment, transport and launch – feel free to leave them over to us.

Charter Management for boat owners (experienced)

Do you own a sailing yacht or a catamaran? Do you have it already in charter or do you think to put it to the charter? Are you NOT satisfied with the service and maintenance of your boat? Is it difficult for you to communicate with the locals? Are you constantly begging your business partners? Are you frustrated? Are you looking for 5 star Marina? Are you looking for mooring for next Season?

If you answer minimum 3 times YES it is time for some changes. We have had similar problems in the past… But now we have solution for you. We open our charter company and we are doing thinks different then charter mainstream – our way. The best is to learn on the mistakes of the others. We offer you to join us and benefit from knowledge what we get during last 10 years.