13 November

Enjoy your favorite sport championship on board!

Do you belong to enthusiasts who can not miss any World sport event? Enjoy yachting, sun, sea and watch top sport championships live with us in one great new Action Package on our boats

On board of our boats there are special equipment LENOVO Yoga Tab3 Pro 10 with built-in video projector. The projector’s video quality (720p resolution and 50 lumens can project up to a 70“ inches) is absolutely fine for casual watching sport events and streaming YouTube videos with friends or watching cinema movies up to 10+ hours on one charge. Tablet could be connected thrue Bluetooth or Aux in with boat sound system and provide Home cinema experience sound all over the boat. With Bose sound system you can imagine how loud you can be. But don’t worry you are on water so it is up to you how far will be your neighbors 🙂
We prepared for you Action Package which we offer you FOR FREE as Bonus during Sport events 2018 calendar.
When you will make booking, you just need put to Voucher text: LENOVO.
Action Package includes – 1. LENOVO Yoga Tab3 Pro 10 with built-in video projector, 2. Extra Internet 4G LTE (Unlimited data) + WiFi mobile.
With Action Package you can:
1. watch sport events online or from archive on board of boat,
2. watch sport events online or from archive in restaurants and konobas,
3. watch cinema movies,
4. watch movies and pictures which you made with drone during sailing week,
5. watch music clips, make karaoke with friends or play own music playlist.
Sport events 2018 calendar
2018 Ice Hockey – Men
Dates 4 May – 20 May
2018 FIFA World Cup Russia
Dates 14 June – 15 July
2018 Ice World Cup – Women
Dates 21 July – 5 August
2018 Tour de France
Dates 7 July – 29 July
2018 European Athletics Championships
Dates 7 August – 12 July
2018 Tenis Grand Slams
Franch Open
Dates 28 May – 4 June
Dates 2 July – 15 July
U.S Open
Dates 27 August – 9 September