13 April

Safe Stay in Croatia!

We are very happy to announce you that from date 13.4.2021 we get national status from Croatia Ministry of Tourism Safe Stay in Croatia and Safe travels from the World Travel and Tourism Council

By marking the tourist offer with the safety marks of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) Safe Travels and the national safety sign Safe Stay in Croatia, we provide clients with us tourist offer in which the Protocols for safe stay in Croatia are applied. What does it mean Safe Stay in Croatia in Nautical safety protocol? You can read detailly here.

Charters rules

1. General rules for employees

  • training employees on the implementation of procedures for the protection of employees and guests and procedures in case of the infection of employees or guests
  • maintaining the highest level of hygiene and physical distancing in interaction with guests
  • wear protective masks during all interaction with guests, in both indoor settings and in open areas of the marina
  • wear protective masks in closed areas of the vessel and maintain physical distancing when in contact with guests (skippers)
  • body temperature check at the beginning of a work shift
  • daily measurement of body temperature while on board (skippers)
  • disinfect hands as often as possible when hands are not visibly dirty and wash and disinfect them when they are visibly dirty and disinfect work surfaces several times a day
  • limit the number of people in indoor settings
  • mandatory use of a protective mask by the crew when entering and leaving the vessel from the marina and refueling

2. General rules for visitors

  • wearing protective masks in all common areas of the marina (reception, in catering facilities, at the table and, toilets) and in communication with employees of the port authority, the port captain and the maritime police and the skipper
  • disinfect hand when disembarking and using the facilities in the marina (when entering the facilities in the marina, before consuming food and drinks, when entering common facilities and the toilet)
  • limited number of tourists in the common areas of the marina (reception, shop, catering facilities, common facilities, and toilets)
  • physical distance when moving through the marina
  • unnecessary gatherings of people on the piers is not allowed
  • in case of a suspected health problem, guests must inform the charter company

3. Cleaning the vessel

  • before handing over the vessel, disinfect all areas of the vessel, especially equipment and places that are frequently touched
  • installing disinfectant on the vessel
  • regular cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning and ventilation filters

4. Reception

  • inform guests before and upon arrival of the safety protocols used by the marina and charter companies and of the general rules for tourists to follow
  • adhering to the scheduled check-in-time and maintaining physical distancing
  • Internet or contactless payment