What is Yacht charter management?

Our Yacht charter management program is essentially our range of services that ensure our care of your yacht and its charter guests, making sure that your yacht reaches its maximum charter income potential and retains as much value as possible over the years. This program is designed to provide you with the easiest way to owning your own yacht by financing the yacht’s purchase, its maintenance and running costs out of charter income.

If you would like to own your private yacht but you are not sure you could finance it, maintain it or you do not have enough available time to use it as much as you would like to, our Yacht charter management is the best choice for you.

Why should I choose LUXURY SAILING?

Taking into account that LUXURY SAILING takes care of all the aspects of acquiring a yacht for charter management, arranges leasing, provides a berth and charter the yacht for you it is truly a unique and special as a charter management client.

With charter base in Marina Baotic located only 10 minutes from Split International Airport, you are all set for spending your sailing vacations on one of the most beautiful coastlines and the main charter destination in the world.