15 June

Customer Loyalty Program

Each of us knows very well complicated clients "loyalty" programs from mobile operators. But none of you have met a serious client loyalty program for sailing. We are going to change that. We value our loyal clients more than other Charter companies and Agencies!

We appreciate clients who like to come back and love our boats, their equipment, water toys, as well as a wide range of additional services (professional crew extension, themed cruises, transport to Croatia). We have therefore decided to offer the following benefits to end clients who have ordered one of our ships through us in the past:
1. A client who uses our services more than once is entitled to apply a 15% Discount on the boat from list prices.
2. A client who recommends a NEW client is entitled to a 10% financial bonus for this Paid week (calculation made from the price of the vessel after discount without VAT, minus the cost of the skipper in the case of a crewed boat). The client can claim the financial bonus from the service Luxury package respectively, as an extra discount from his boat booking.
3. A client who uses our services more than once can be contacted with the Supermegatotalbrutal Last minute discount. The client will be contacted by e-mail and it will be a very pleasant surprise.


Customer Loyalty Program and Last minute or Early booking discount is not possible. The client can choose only one type of Discount.
Discount from Item no. 1 can only be applied to a boat, other services from the price list are not subject to this Discount.

Discount from Item no. 2 can only be applied if the NEW client goes on a cruise without the client who recommended him. The goal is to get new clients, not to abuse the system. We believe that clients will use this benefit right way.